Louvre – the art of Private Life Insurance

Louvre - Insure your life

LOUVRE offers distribution services for new and existing life insurance policies to other institutional actors considering transferring their intermediation responsibilities to a specialist, professional partner.

With a new service platform for PLI solutions, we provide an interface between our distribution partners, their clients and leading European insurance companies operating cross-border distribution.

Louvre provides IDD compliant protection in cross-border insurance business dedicated to distribution channels and insurance companies.

You can trust :

Ian Berry

Founding Partner

+352 661 936 888

Bert Bouton

Founding Partner

+352 661 214 110

Stefan Fank

Founding Partner

+352 691 910 522


Why work with Louvre?

A team of expert life assurance professionals all with over 20 years experience

A one stop distribution solution for Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, France and Italy

True B2B approach that always respects the origin of the business

Our structured methodology ensures permanent alignment of client product and investment strategy suitability

A truly personal service as well as a client digital capability

Data transfer possibilities to partner platforms

An extensive life assurance database to match client needs with companies and products