Louvre – the art of Private Life Insurance

About us

Louvre Insurance Distribution is a Luxembourg based life assurance broker. We work with selected partners to ensure our clients achieve their wealth planning goals by selecting the best life assurance solution for their personal situation.

Louvre Insurance Distribution was founded by a group of experienced professionals of the sector in response to increasing demand for insurance intermediation advice in the private life assurance market. This is due to advances in the sophistication of life assurance products, the increased complexity of client needs and the progression of the regulatory framework.

Louvre Insurance Distribution is based in Luxembourg and offers services to clients resident in Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, France and Italy under the freedom of services legislation. Luxembourg is our home because it is the European Union member state with the best developed eco system for private client wealth and succession planning, hosting multiple insurers, private banks, asset managers and other professionals.

Our philisophy

We want the best for you. Louvre Insurance Distribution is an independent broker dedicated to the needs of our clients. As a broker, we represent the policy holder is our client – we are not acting as an agent for an insurer. This is crucially important and, we believe, essential for sophisticated clients investing in private life assurance. This independence enables Louvre to match clients with the insurer best suited to their needs and removes all the frustration of dealing with insurers – Louvre will take care of everything.

What we do

Louvre Insurance Distribution provides services to clients requiring new policies as well as those seeking advice on existing contracts. When introduced to clients through their trusted advisers, we analyse their wealth planning goals. If a life policy solution is appropriate, we work for our clients in surveying insurers and their products. We identity the best solution and negotiate attractive terms and conditions. We then regularly check with our clients that the life policy remains suitable for their needs as their personal situation evolves.

We accompany clients at every stage of their life and guide them through an ever more complex world. In this global age of complex family needs, our independent advice is vital.

The Louvre client experience

We recognize that service excellence is of paramount importance to our clients. Leave it to Louvre - the strength of the relationship with our selected insurers is the guarantee of quality for our clients. We understand that our clients want a personal relationship with their adviser. Louvre provides this and supplements the personal contact with the use of technology, all designed to make your life easier.