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Protection for families, businesses and stakeholders

Protection for families, businesses and stakeholders

The purpose of life assurance is to provide protection. It is a unique solution for providing liquidity and can be essential in a number of situations. Louvre Insurance Distribution is your partner for high life cover solutions. High life cover is a specialist area where independent expertise is essential. This is because there are a relatively small number of life companies who provide this cover and there are significant differences in pricing, geographies covered and medical evidence required.

Examples of client scenarios where the protection of high life cover may be needed;

  • Protecting families. The sudden death of an individual can leave a family with difficult financial circumstances. Insurance is the perfect solution to provide liquidity and to allow the family to meet day to day expenditure such as mortgage payments, school fees and general living expenses.
  • Protecting businesses. Key person cover. A business may rely on one or more individuals who are essential and whose loss would have a significant detrimental effect. That person can be a founder, a major shareholder or someone with vital knowledge and expertise. Businesses can mitigate this risk via cover on the key individuals.
  • Protecting stakeholders. Financing partners may insure the lives of entrepreneurs that they back with venture capital. VC’s are experts in assessing business success factors prior to investing. They are increasingly seeking protection against their investee business failing for non business reasons by insuring founders or other key figures in the period between funding and exit.
  • Banking partners may wish to insure the lives of real estate developers and promoters to whom they have lent development capital. They have other collateral but wish to insure against business interruption in the event of the death of key individuals prior to the completion of the project.
  • Individuals purchasing high value real estate assets with credit financing may consider insuring the life of the borrower so that in the event of premature death the family can stay in the property without needing to liquidate other assets. 

In these and other situations Louvre can help. Please contact us with your needs.

About Louvre

  • Louvre Insurance Distribution is an international life insurance broker providing coverage for core EU/EEA markets where we have a deep expertise – France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy and Germany – as well as Sweden, Finland, Norway, Poland and the UK. We also provide life assurance solutions for non EU/EEA markets such as Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.) Latam (Mexico, Chile, Peru, Columbia, etc.) Monaco, Israel, Turkey, Dubai, and the French Domtoms.
  • We can provide access to a wide range of insurers’ products - the classic single premium investment bonds, capital protection policies, high life cover products and products designed for companies. We can provide quickly a price comparison of products between various insurers and assess the quality of their documentation and ongoing services.

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